A Force Dedicated To Saving Our Families Through Legislative Action

To activate people to fight the surge of heroin in our communities, neighborhoods, and state by forcing our elected representatives to enact effective laws that will combat this horrific epidemic.

To fight this epidemic and prevent the continued spread of heroin, it is imperative that New Yorkers have the necessary tools. The heroin problem must be evaluated from every perspective, including, detox, rehabilitation, after care, prevention and criminal justice. This will enable an addicted person to get the help they need, and those who sell heroin and/or cause a death in New York State will face severe consequences.

Think about how the community reacted when we thought the infectious disease Ebola was going to spread and kill thousands of people. New York State was on a state of high alert. They were educating everyone as much as possible about the disease, how to prevent it, how to spot potential symptoms, what steps to take if someone we care about appeared to be developing those symptoms and how to cure it. Heroin is even worse; it actually is here and is continually killing our families. There needs to be the same fear and realization, this is a disease that needs to be stopped.

We need to pass more legislation. “Laree’s Law” is sponsored in the NYS Senate by Senator George Amedore, was passed in the NYS Senate in the 2015 and 2016 sessions, however, was never passed in the NYS Assembly. As the Legislature’s convene for the 2017 session, we must intensify our efforts to persuade the Assembly to also take up this measure, currently sponsored by Assemblyman Mike DenDekker, Bill# A3398, of Queens. We, as NYS citizens, need to urge the Assembly to take action in protecting our friends, our families, and our communities. This is the third consecutive year the Assembly will have the opportunity to do the right thing, and pass “Laree’s Law”. We cannot allow the Assembly to turn a blind eye to this law and our efforts.

There is already Federal law that applies for such prosecution, as do statutes on the books in neighboring states. It is time for New York State to follow suit and allow for as many options as possible to be applied to combating this devastating trend. It is time for New York State to be a national leader in enacting strong and meaningful statutes that will result in fewer tragic deaths from the scourge of heroin and other opioid sources. New York State has already lost too many loved ones to this epidemic.

See the bills under the “make it happen” button and contact your local representatives.

Dedicated to Laree A. Farrell-Lincoln

Laree A. Farrell-Lincoln was born 3/21/94 and died of a heroin overdose on 3/16/13, 5 days before her 19th birthday. I am her mother, Patty Farrell (Retired Albany Police Officer) and was completely devastated by the loss of my beautiful daughter, my whole world and my only child. Losing Laree made me search for ways to stop this scourge of heroin. One way for me to do this was to go to the Legislature to have new laws created.

There is a growing heroin and opiate epidemic that is devastating our families and communities. There have been uncountable deaths in all areas of New York State. There is no one action to reverse this trend but I support improved/longer treatment facilities, enhanced awareness, insurance responsibility, after care programs, and new tools for law enforcement as they seek to address the distribution of heroin. Enhanced penalties for those who deal and sell drugs is a critical piece of the puzzle to not only act as a deterrent but to provide law enforcement and prosecutors with the tools to remove these predators from the devastating cycle that is killing people across the State.

Anyone who is residing in New York State, we can definitely use your help. It would certainly be appreciated if you could contact them in support of “Laree’s Law” as well as any of the other heroin/opiate related bills that you feel would help save lives.
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